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We offer a comprehensive line of services from tuning to complete rebuilding. Our most routine services may be booked online below. Please note: Our method of tuning (using advanced software and aural tuning) decreases the likelihood of your piano requiring a pitch raise, saving you time and money.



Piano Tuning $140-180

If your piano has been regularly serviced, it will likely only require one tuning ($140). If it is significantly out of tune, it may require two tunings in the same visit ($180). Learn Why>> 

Each tuning appointment includes:

  • One or two tunings depending on how much pitch correction is needed.

  • Minor repairs and adjustments to case, action, pedals, and bench ($45 value).

  • Comprehensive inspection with electronic report ($85 value).

  • One-year listing for piano teachers on our teacher directory.

  • Convenient online scheduling and rescheduling with text/email reminders.

  • Annual email reminder.

  • 10% off next annual tuning (coupon code sent by email after tuning appointment).

  • Credit card, check, and cash accepted.

  • No pressure to purchase additional services or repairs.

  • Insured.

  • Satisfaction guarantee.



How far out of tune is your piano?

Compare this tone to the A above Middle C, or 49th note from the left on your piano. If they sound the same, you will likely only need a fine tuning.





A pre-purchase inspection is a thorough inspection of a piano to assess the condition, structural integrity, and the performance of all the parts. Findings are detailed in an electronic report (PDF) with recommendations for any service or repair that may be needed.



Cleaning $95-180

Having your piano cleaned can dramatically improve your piano's appearance and even make it look new again. This service includes a meticulous cleaning of the interior and exterior of you piano. We use special equipment that allows us to clean all the places most people cannot access. Cleaning usually only takes one to two hours.




More Services

Fine Tuning offers voicing, repair and rebuilding services. Contact us for additional information or an estimate.


Humidity Control

Fine Tuning is a certified installer of the Piano Life Saver which protects your piano from humidity fluctuations. Learn more>>



Unsurpassed professionalism and follow-up guarantee that you will be delighted with your experience.



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